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How Hiring Tech Hardware Can Level up Your Next Event

Welcome back to Hire Intelligence International. If your organisation arranges manpower , equipment , technology and logistics for major events, then we can help you.

For over 25 years ‘Hire Intelligence international‘ has provided technology hardware for events, through short-term hire agreements.

In that time, our range of stock, and our understanding of ‘industry needs’ has grown significantly.

We provide support and value to this sector through: the stock we offer, our purchasing policies to support key clients. Our understanding of ‘events pressures’ , flexible services. and National coverage..

Leverage the best tech brands, for the best impact

We know many of our Key ‘Event’ Clients have a good range of their own technology stock, but don’t always have quite enough for peak demands. Hire Intelligence have a large fleet of technology hardware from leading brands. Screens, Laptops, Monitors, Touch Screens, iPad, Tablets, PCs & Workstations, Wireless Microphones, PAs and more. All sourced from leading brands all under 3 years old all tested thoroughly, , and available to hire for just a single day, or up to one year.

Our website is up-to-date and stocks regularly refreshed with the latest professional models from Samsung, HP, Sony, Dell, and Apple.

You can collect from our depots nationwide or we can arrange delivery to your premises, or to event venues.

The Tech-Trade Specialists

‘Hire Intelligence’ are technology specialists and operate across a wide range of sectors.

We specialise in managing the life cycle of technology assets, and are experts in buying, marketing, finding uses for hardware, and when the time is right we know how and where to sell assets on.

So, if you need an unusual piece of tech for a few shows, let us know. We can buy, then rent it to you for a fraction of purchase price. After the equipmment has worked for you, it is our challenge to find other applications for this hardware, in other sectors.

We’ve recently bought quirky and powerful equipment to support clients. Equipment such as intel ‘mini computers’, workstations with specific Graphics cards, ‘Totem touch screens’, high-end wireless microphones, colour-match monitors, and a wide-range of Apple hardware.

Logistics and Support for a Seamless Event Experience

  • Aside from sourcing and providing the stock you need, ‘Hire Intelligence’ understand the challenge of logistics when it comes to Events.
  • You can pick up kit from us ‘out of hours,’ with our ‘fly-through’ service.
  • We are flexible on dates for collection and rental period pricing.
  • We can help prepare Carnet information
  • We can offer different packaging options, and all flight cases are clearly labelled.
  • For key clients we accept emails and Purchase Orders as agreement confirmation, so there is no arduos paperwork or delays.
  • We aim to produce a quote within 20 minutes of an enquiry.
  • Over 30% of orders to event clients are confirmed on the day of delivery and we are often credited with ‘saving the day’ with rapid deployment of critical kit.

Partner with Hire Intelligence International

Partner with Hire Intelligence

Over the years, we have developed longstanding relationships with many clients to help them support large corporate and entertainment events.

We understand the pressures and offer stock, terms, flexibility, and simplicity to be a ‘no hassle’ supplier to the exciting world of events.

We do not claim to be experts in all the complexities of event technology, nor do we claim to be an ‘events company’. However, if you need good quality hardware, fast, and hassle-free , or you need to source some unusual hardware, then do give ‘Hire Intelligence’ a call, or request a quick quote from the website.

We use our skills in buying, storing, testing and renting technology hardware, and allow you to focus on pulling together fantastic events.

We look forward to helping you make ‘event magic’ happen.

Thank you.

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