Revolutionize Events with Interactive Kiosks

Interactive Kiosks Bring Style and Function to Any Business Event

Interactive Kiosks Bring Style And Function To Any Business EventIn an age where the average consumer feels completely comfortable using various IT platforms, you can trust the latest interactive kiosks to be your one-stop digital receptionist, information desk, self-service platform, or public communication display.

In other words, internet-connected kiosks have changed the way we engage with our target audiences at just about any event, exhibition, conference or permanent venue.

Modern Multi Taskers

Whereas “kiosks” of the recent past were fairly basic devices offering a single-touch service, these days a digital kiosk comes with all the user-friendly functionality and capabilities of powerful PCs, tablets and smartphones such as the Apple iPad and iPhone.

Upon arriving at your place of business or temporary trade show booth, your guests will enjoy immediate access to a comprehensive range of information, promotional messages and other multimedia content that you would like to share. Applications, websites, images, videos, audio instructions, forms, surveys, schedules – you name it, people can engage with it. All they have to do is use one of the latest mobile computer terminals. The typical consumer not only wants this level of customised service from a brand; they expect it. Interactivity is a fact of modern life. Therefore, it makes sense to get on board at every opportunity.

Worried about giving wireless internet access to public users of your device? Relax; you still control which apps and sites are approved. Interactive kiosks can be whatever you need them to be, and do whatever you need them to do.

A Interactive KIOSKS for Each Occasion

The latest interactive kiosks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and specifications to suit your specific event or location. A stylish 22-inch infrared multitouch screen kiosk based on an integrated i5 PC is ideal for business receptions, digital signage or demonstrating applications. Yes, these devices make web-browsing a breeze. However, they can also achieve so much more for the business prepared to think big.

For businesses, meetings and conferences at the larger end of the scale, consider a touchscreen registration kiosk with in-built camera, optional badge printer and event registration software – for example, Cvent or Boomset – to register attendees or visitors as efficiently as possible.

Want to display important information and offer business services in a public setting such a hotel lobby, shopping centre or commercial outlet? If so, you may want to try a sturdy, secure iPad kiosk. Want to set up your display in both landscape and portrait mode? No problem – these kiosks are tailor made for user interactivity.

Alternatively, if you’re keen to go even bigger and bolder, the Giant iTab could be the mobile kiosk for you. These massive replica tablets have fully interactive touchscreens. Hence, they help make any public or business event a memorable experience for all attendees.

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