The Versatility of Two-in-One Devices: Laptop and Tablet Combined

The New “Book” Devices: Half Laptop Half Tablet

half laptop half tabletEver found yourself craving the power and functionality of a laptop one minute, then the convenience and creativity of a tablet the next? Sounds like you need a single device that covers all bases wherever you go.

The new “book” devices (or two-in-ones) are as flexible as the modern professional needs to be. Let’s take a look at how these chameleons of the PC world actually work.

Convertible and detachable hybrids

Every book device is essentially one of two things. It could be a convertible hybrid laptop optimised with a touchscreen. Alternatively, it could be a detachable hybrid tablet you can operate with a physical keyboard.

What’s the difference? The former category employs a hinge allowing the device to function in various modes, such as tent mode and display mode. These are ideal for working in tight spaces or sharing your screen in a meeting. The latter category lets you completely remove the keyboard from its case or dock. It creates a lightweight and easy-to-hold tablet for accessing multimedia on the move.

Among the selection of quality book devices available today, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Book are both powerful and portable with four dynamic viewing modes for exceptional versatility.

Double the choice in no time

There’s certainly money to be saved by renting or buying one multi-purpose device rather than multiple devices. However, the real benefit of a two-in-one is the instant flexibility anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to take advantage of full-stroke keys and a touchpad like using a regular laptop or focus your creative energy exclusively on the touchscreen like using a regular tablet, the perfect system for the situation is only a few seconds away.

Hybrids make it incredibly easy to switch between modes of operation. This means you’ll always be ready to type a report, design a page, watch a video or share great ideas with clients and colleagues.

These devices come with a full operating system. However, you should note they generally incorporate mobile processors designed for portability over pure speed and power in comparison to laptops of similar size. On the plus side, a hybrid system is likely to be significantly cooler (in operating temperature, that is – although they can also be very stylish). Therefore, you’ll have no trouble handling or resting your device on your lap for extended periods while you travel.

Of course, we all know you can never judge a “book” by its cover. Hence, you should do your research and talk to a tech expert about the type of applications you need your two-in-one to perform.

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