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Supporting Companies with Tech Deployments and IT Rollouts

For over 25 years ‘Hire Intelligence International’ have provided high-tech and leading-brand hardware to satisfy our clients short-term tech needs.

We have worked with many IT infrastructure, software, and project companies, and have gained an excellent understanding of specific needs, and how we can help.

In short, ‘Hire Intelligence’ can supply large volumes of specifically configured IT assets to multiple locations, fast.

So, if you’re involved in a project, roll-out, or short-term event which requires configured and tested IT assets ???? do talk with us

Why Hire Intelligence?

  • High stock levels: Hire Intelligence own thousands of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, servers and other hardware.
  • The latest high-spec tech, from the best brands: All our equipment is less than 3-years old, high-spec, and from the leading brands.
  • Secure Storage: Our secure storage is designed for handling IT equipment.
  • Device management solutions: Our Technicians are in place for configuring, imaging and managing multiple devices, loading software and testing as required, then deploying and handling logistics requirements efficiently and accurately.
  • Extensive logistics experience: Our processes are well established, and all assets are barcoded and tracked. Thus, distribution, auditing, and invoices are specific and accurate.
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So how can we configure devices perfectly for your project?

Agreed Protocols: We work closely with our clients to agree on a protocol for device configuration, which we follow to the letter. We welcome client auditing and testing.

Image cloning: We can also setup client devices by cloning an agreed ‘master image’ onto each asset. The master image can be from a single physical ‘reference device’ provided by the Client’s IT team, or we can arrange remote access for a client expert to configure one of our devices.

Once the ‘master asset’ is setup, our technicians work from this perfectly configured ‘reference asset’. Tens, hundreds, or thousands of cloned devices can then be made ready for rapid deployment.

Multiple Device Management: As part of the configuration, assets can also be enrolled onto a client’s choice of ‘device management system’, and testing procedures can be agreed between our technical teams.

Benefits of hiring, rather than buying 

  • Meet internal demand, without unnecessary investment: IT hardware can be expensive, and demand is not always steady. Hiring can often save money. Rental periods can be agreed between 1-day and 2-years.
  • Logistics Support: High volumes of repetitive tasks, manual handling, and logistics might not be suitable for your team or physical location, but Hire Intelligence have vast experience of these operationally intensive deployments.
  • Remote tech support: Hire Intelligence also offer swift support for any devices on hire. In the unlikely event of any hardware issues, we help remotely, or make a rapid like-for-like swap of an asset to minimise any down time.
  • Try before you buy: Changing or updating hardware can represent a risk. Speak to Hire Intelligence about how we can help with investment and trials for new tech.

I hope this summary of Hire Intelligence capabilities has been useful. We know we can support any IT project or event. We believe our stock, facilities, trained staff, logistics, and thorough processes can save time, hassle, and money for our client, and provide peace of mind that ‘IT deployment’ will be undertaken swiftly and accurately.

If you’re facing an IT deployment challenge, speak with Hire Intelligence today.

Thank you.

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