Temporary WiFi for Events : Connect and engage with ease

Temporary WiFi for Events Helps You to Connect and Engage

Temporary Wifi For Events Helps You To Connect And Engage
Hosting or presenting at a major corporate event attended by hundreds or thousands of prospective customers, clients, sponsors and investors? Budget-friendly temporary WiFi for events ensures all these key stakeholders are connected and able to engage effectively with your organisation’s staff, content and activities.


In the past, enabling attendees to connect to the internet for free at your events and venues was optional. These days, it’s mandatory. Firstly, people simply expect an easily accessible and reliable WiFi network to be provided. In fact, they will more than likely judge the host harshly if it is not. This kind of negative reaction is the last thing you need. After all, you want to make a positive impression, communicate with your target market and ultimately grow your event.

Additionally, you rely on secure, robust and powerful event Wi-Fi coverage to actually connect and engage with your key stakeholders. From your side, this means sharing digital content; making multimedia presentations; collecting personal data and feedback; selling products and services through an e-commerce platform; and perhaps even live streaming the event. These are all valuable sales, marketing and networking actions supported by wireless connectivity. From the audience side, it means being able to access relevant websites and information; download special event apps and maps; communicate with and comment on the event through social media; and plenty more. With this in mind, setting up temporary WiFi for events becomes an essential part of the planning process to help you reach your objectives.


So, you’ve decided – prudently – to invest some of your event management budget in the provision of a strong WiFi network. Now it’s time to work out what type of coverage best suits your requirements.

How many staff, guests, vendors, exhibitors and contractors will attend each day? How many electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops do you expect to be simultaneously connected to the internet at various periods? Finally, how will attendees use those devices? For example, it may involve basic web browsing and social media use. On the other hand, it may mean more intensive applications that demand significantly higher bandwidth and frequency, such as loading high-resolution videos, using an official event app, or interacting with sessions/keynotes through technology.

By answering these questions you can customise your event WiFi coverage and choose the best networking equipment, such as wireless broadband routers and network hubs. That is, implement a solution that not only makes a variety of internet-based activities possible for everyone involved, but also provides the necessary bandwidth and frequency to handle the anticipated use of the network, particularly at peak periods. Of course, selecting the optimal temporary WiFi for events of different sizes and scales allows everyone to stay connected without stretching beyond your budget.

To customise your temporary WiFi, talk to Hire Intelligence now. Hire intelligence offers a range of solutions, from renting a few small “MiFi” devices to providing multiple access points to form a mesh network, along with WiFi engineers on-site.

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