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The Return of Events (plus Remote Attendees)

For the first time in a long time, Hire Intelligence prepared an order including Large Screens, Touchscreens, and projectors. Seventeen ‘Pre-Covid’ months ago, this would not be worthy of note, but now this simple order is making us smile. We hope it shows the return of events with people happy to interact with each other, and with event technology hardware.

Of course not everything will be as it used to be. Things evolve (especially technology) and these recent months have shown that technology allows effective remote working for some tasks and roles. In addition to this, remote ‘attendance’ at events and meetings is a requested option which we’ve got tech to facilitate. We have found better video conferencing systems, VR headsets, and streaming technology to help support future hybrid events. We’ve also invested in Totems and larger screens and even (Telepresence) robots so people can get the info they need from a distance.

We hope that the frustration of event and creative agencies is over, and there is a release of creative energy. We hope provision of some high-performing hardware can make these events (or productions) come to life – either tech to boost interactivity on the day, or with powerful hardware helping the design. Good to be needed again, and we look forward to the results, events, and invites in months to come.

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