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Use Data Capture Technology to Enhance Event Outcomes

Use Data Capture Technology To Enhance Event OutcomesThe modern business event is so much more than a promotional and networking opportunity. Thanks to the latest data capture technology, it’s also a chance to walk away with in-depth information and insights that will help your business achieve meaningful outcomes now and in the future.


Before we look at how data capture devices can benefit your business, let’s consider why this need exists in the first place. Being able to gather warm leads, contact details and specific feedback has always contributed to creating successful customer journeys. The difference now is how efficiently, effectively and comprehensively this can be done using modern data capture technology rather than traditional methods.

The sheer volume of data an organisation can quickly compile these days is astounding. You can easily record visitor information and discover what attendees think about the company, the event, your products or services, your competitors, and the industry as a whole. You can follow up with the right people, at the right time, and steer the conversation in the right direction. This is all because you’ve already built a list of prospective customer profiles. And beyond that, you can funnel every single piece of information gathered into a big database. Then, you can use it to learn more about how your target market perceives and engages with your business.

This means hosting or presenting at a business event is no longer just about “meeting and greeting”. It’s also about actively reinforcing those promising relationships after the event. Every reaction, response and result put together will help guide your strategic decision-making.


So, you’re fully motivated to get your hands on as much valuable data as possible. Now it’s time to investigate your automatic data capture options. As a starting point, customised tablet stands, touch screens and interactive kiosks provide a convenient digital registration/sign-in solution. Attendees are likely to embrace these technologies, and they allow you to gather more in-depth customer data and insights. You can do so via surveys, competitions, special offers, subscriptions and other targeted interactions.

You can use barcode scanners and mobile phones to scan badges and business cards (if they contain barcodes or QR codes) at a meeting, exhibition or event. And if the event organiser has compiled a useful database, details of the people you have met and “beeped” with your handheld scanner device will be passed to you after the event; then you can make relevant contact at a later date

Furthermore, you can use various data capture technologies to conduct quality market research; encourage audience participation; aggregate a plethora of powerful metrics; and plenty more. From tailored tablet experiences and audience feedback via digital voting systems to business live streaming hardware and software platforms, there are multiple ways to collect the views and information you want and easily save everything to the Cloud or a server for hire. Using an audience response system, for example, you can digitally display results of surveys in close to real-time, as well as tailor your presentations around the incoming feedback.

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