5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Create a Positive Impression

5 Brilliant Ways to Use Tech to Make an Impression

Use Tech To Make An Impression

It’s one thing to prepare for future success. However, it’s another to ensure you create a professional, modern and overall positive impression of yourself and/or your business right from the word go. With that in mind, here are five tips on how to use tech to make an impression and successfully grow your brand.


From the moment customers or clients enter your business reception, waiting area, retail space or exhibition stand, you want them to get a feel for your brand and vision. Ideally, the space will be inviting and the experience will be memorable. To an extent, you can achieve this with interior design, artwork, visual merchandising, etc. However, the way you leverage technology solutions can also prove powerful. For example, bespoke digital signage and spectacular video walls might enhance the audio-visual experience. It might also set a positive tone for the interactions to follow. Additionally, desk-mounted iPads allow you to showcase your website or social media pages immediately.


If there’s one thing guaranteed to annoy visitors when they arrive at your business or event, it’s a cumbersome and confusing sign-in process. The days of filling out time-consuming paper forms and standing in disorganised queues should be long gone. Instead, embrace the immediate value of technology-based sign-in solutions to capture visitor information. This includes tech like interactive kiosks, tablet stands and Giant iTabs. Not only does this equipment speed up the process, but it also allows guests to easily sign up for services and email newsletters or browse product lines and search digital content.


Technology tips don’t come much more obvious than this, but it’s always worth repeating. The more professional and organised you or your business appear, the better impression you will make. This applies to little things like the cleanliness and functionality of any accessible equipment, including shared tablets and desktop computers, right up to how seamlessly you deliver business presentations, product announcements, stakeholder meetings, corporate activities and, of course, everyday business operations. In any situation, the appropriate use of technology adds to your credibility and improves your level of engagement. So, every time you use new tech within your business, ask yourself: am I being professional, and do I come across as organised?


Not all technology needs to provide a direct business benefit. Sometimes, you should simply provide certain equipment for customer convenience. The addition of a mobile phone charging kiosk at special events or permanent venues allows guests to stay connected easily. This shows that your business cares about more than just sales. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that people might spend longer engaging with your brand while they wait for their device to charge. You can also use tech to make life easy in other ways. For example, by developing a smartphone/tablet app featuring maps of your store or event space with useful tips and information. Or, by using voting pads to allow customers or attendees to easily feed back on your event or product.


Show off the fun, creative and personal side of you or your business, no matter the industry. Of course, you should ensure you’ve ticked all the right boxes from a service, admin and professionalism perspective. But with those boxes ticked, customers will appreciate your effort to make business interactions more enjoyable and engaging. Perhaps you can involve your audience in proceedings with business live streaming, entertaining digital presentations or interactive technology-based games and activities (extended reality experiences anyone?). There are countless possibilities for companies prepared to try something different.

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