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Why You Should Rent a Business Laptop

Are you thinking about renting a laptop for an upcoming corporate event or conference? Or are you looking at longer-term computer rental for your office space? Hire Intelligence have everything you need, for as long as you need it, whether it’s a short term laptop rental or hardware for your company for a longer period of time. We also stock only the best laptops from leading brands. That encompasses a wide range of devices from business notebooks to mobile workstation computers and high-end laptops.

Laptop hire is a particularly smart move for your company if you are trying to cut down on your outgoings. Have you compared laptop hire prices with the cost of buying a new computer? Often, it makes far more financial sense to rent the hardware you need for specific occasions. You can still impress clients and have everything you need for meetings and corporate events without breaking the bank.

Computer rental is a great way to get everything you need for less. Additionally, Hire Intelligence ensures that keyboards, mice, mouse pads and carry bags are all included in the rental. We can preload your choice of Microsoft software on any laptop too. Hence, there will be no frustrating installations to go through. You can start work as soon as the laptop is delivered.

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As well as saving your business a lot of money, you can also see short-term laptop rental as an opportunity to try out new devices and perhaps find something you might want to invest in. This is a far better idea than paying out a lot of money for some state-of-the-art hardware, only to find out you really don’t get on with it. Hire Intelligence grants you access to the latest models. This allows you to reap the benefits of new technology without large expenditures. It is particularly advantageous when you consider that IT equipment, more than almost anything else, tends to go down in value at an alarming rate!

Furthermore, hiring laptops enables you to make adjustments to how your company operates with ease. For example, are you looking to downsize? If so, IT equipment can take up a lot of storage space you may otherwise be able to do without. It’s rare that companies use everything they own all at the same time. Rather, it makes a lot more sense to have only what you need in the office.

Placing more of an emphasis on portable technology rather than set computer workstations can also allow your employees to be far more mobile. They can work from home and while on the move instead of being entirely reliant on being in the office. This freedom could prove to be a huge boon to your business and enable your employees to work with far greater flexibility.

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