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Audience are Using VR in Event
Virtual Reality Hire. Planning for Event Success.

VR experiences can be an immersive & wonderful. Hire Intelligence own and can provide for hire Headsets from Oculus, Meta,… Read More

What Are the Virtual Reality Benefits for Business?

“Virtual reality” was once presented as a futuristic fantasy in movies and TV shows. Then it rose to prominence in… Read More

Virtual Reality Training: Which Industries Use New Tech to Train Their Employees?

Once confined to the fringes of science fiction, a number of different industries now use virtual reality extensively. Virtual reality… Read More

4 Innovative Extended Reality Uses for Business

By now, most people have at least a general concept of extended reality (XR) technologies. For those who aren’t aware, XR is… Read More

Tech Rental - VR Experience
VR and Gaming Gear Bring Your Office Christmas Social to Life

Are you in charge of organising the office Christmas party or end-of-year social? If so, you should consider hiring multi-player gaming… Read More

Are You Ready for the Virtual Revolution?

Businesses have always looked towards new technology to help them engage audiences and reach new markets. Those that adapt and… Read More

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