6 Ways utilizing an iPad for business productivity

6 Ways iPads Can Boost Business Productivity

6 ways ipads can boost business productivity Hire Intelligence 1

Apple iPads and tablets are loved around the world for their seemingly limitless capabilities and flexibility. From browsing the web, to messaging, to playing games, these devices are well-known for making life easier and more fun. So why not incorporate these useful capabilities into your business by utilising an iPad for business productivity?

iPads are the powerful answer to many productivity problems in the workplace. Choosing the right iPad for your business can massively improve your project management and customer service efficiency.

To make your iPad work well for your business life, you have to treat your device like a business tool. This means downloading workflow applications, adding the right accessories and optimising efficiency.

Whichever industry you’re in, whether it’s a trade, sales or the arts, utilising an iPad for productivity may be the best business move you make. Let us show you how.


Portability Hire Intelligence

The biggest advantage of an iPad is that they are extremely lightweight and portable. When compared with the classic work laptop, iPads are much easier to carry with you all day, plus they can easily be taken out for use wherever you are.

GPS alternative

If your business requires employees to move between different job sites, having a maps application built in can be an invaluable feature. The Apple maps or Google maps apps are also very intuitive, with live travel times and traffic conditions.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, having an iPad for business productivity is an excellent choice. iPads typically have an incredible battery life of 8-10 hours. This means your device can be in use during the whole work day and won’t need recharging until you close up.

Gives customers self-service capabilities

GIves Customers Self Service Capabilites

Apple iPads for business can offer new, engaging ways to connect with your customers. For example if you’re running a service business such as a hairdressers, you could utilise this technology to encourage clients to sign themselves in when they arrive for their appointment. They could also find a slot to book into by browsing a digital catalogue of your services.

This will mean that even when all of your staff are busy with other clients, new customers are being taken care of. Incorporating a ‘frequently asked questions’ section will also show new clients you care about meeting their needs.

Store data in the cloud

You can automatically upload any photos and videos taken on your iPad to the cloud by enabling the iCloud Photo Library, freeing up space if you need to store a lot of images for your business. However, keep in mind Apple devices only offer 5GB of free cloud storage so if you need more you will have to purchase it for a reasonable price.

Plus, if your email inbox is filling up, you can limit the number of old emails stored on your iPad in the settings app, leaving more room for important work files. These old emails will be deleted from your device but kept in the mail server, meaning you can access them by searching your inbox while you have internet connection.


iPads for Business Hire Intelligence

Using an iPad for business has never been easier with a huge range of Apple accessories designed to make life easier and more efficient.


Even though iPads famously have touch screen keyboards for typing, these aren’t always the best for longer periods of word processing. Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a great external keyboard that neatly folds away and truly rivals the classic laptop keyboard.


Using a stylus is a great way around having no mouse if you prefer not to use your fingers on a touchscreen. The Apple Pencil is a great tool that seamlessly interacts with the sensitive touchscreen and feels comfortable to hold for long periods of time. They are even the preferred tool of many digital artists and graphic designers.


Mock Tablet as iPad Stand Hire Intelligence

iPads can easily clip on to specially made stands for easier use in your workplace. They offer a more accessible self-serve function for your customers and they are great for business presentations without taking up too much space.


A case is a must-have for any iPad or tablet user. Not only do they keep your device protected during travel, but many cases also double as stands to prop up your iPad in order to work more comfortably.

POS system

There are plenty of ways to use iPads for productivity in the workplace, and this hardware can be an efficient, flexible way to make sales anywhere. Investing in the hardware to make your iPad your central POS hub is especially useful for mobile business owners or if you often need to take payments on different job sites.

Which iPad for Business should you Choose?

Project manager showing chart on iPad Hire Intelligence

Renting an iPad for business use clearly has huge benefits, but purchasing multiple devices for your employees can quickly become quite costly.

Luckily, Hire Intelligence has a selection of top of the range iPads for hire. These iPads are some of the most powerful business tools on offer and are perfectly suited to small business owners.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro Hire Intelligence

This popular large screen iPad is Apple’s biggest effort at a quality replacement for a business laptop, offering tons of power packed in behind the screen.

iPad 8th and 6th Generation

iPad 8th and 6th Generation Hire intelligence

Apple’s 8th and 6th generation iPads still pack a huge punch and give you access to almost all the same functions as the newer models. Plus, they start at a lower price point than newer releases.

Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini Hire Intelligence

This conveniently sized device is not only even more portable than its beefier siblings, but is also better suited to some workplaces that are in need of something very lightweight and space saving. Plus, using this type of iPad for business does not take away any of the great features we’ve come to know and love in the bigger models.

Ready to use an iPad for productivity in your business?

iPad for productivity in your business Hire Intelligence

Streamline your business productivity with our short- and long-term iPad rental options. Tell us about your business, what you need for your day to day operations, and we can help you choose the best options for your business.

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