Wifi Solution to Get seamless event WiFi for all attendees.

Get Event WiFi Solutions That Ensure Everyone Stays Connected

Get Event Wifi Solutions That Ensure Everyone Stays ConnectedA number of years ago, WiFi network provision at major venues and events went from a bonus to an expectation. These days, quality event WiFi coverage is not only expected, but it is required.

Do you want to run a successful event that gets people talking, sharing and buying? If so, you need to implement event WiFi services that won’t let you down.

Consider connectivity

How do you ensure your large event starts and stays connected? You set up a serious WiFi network. It should support hundreds or thousands of electronic devices that attendees, exhibitors, vendors, contractors, and special guests can use.

To achieve top connectivity, first consider the maximum number of people able to attend the event and account for the number of those individuals who are likely to use Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Remember, many people will connect to the WiFi network on multiple devices. Therefore, 500 individual attendees could easily lead to more than 1,000 simultaneous connections.

You must then factor in bandwidth and frequency requirements. Base these on anticipated types of usage and the potential for peak usage periods. Will people need WiFi purely for general purposes such as social media and web browsing? Is video streaming necessary or will there be live streams set up? Will some load high-resolution videos or access other bandwidth-hungry applications? And will your network be able to accommodate the additional bandwidth needs resulting from the availability of an official event app or sessions/keynotes involving technology-based group interactions?

Let’s face it: the last thing your event needs is a network failure when it could have been easily avoided.

Using rental services to outsource your event WiFi can streamline this process. Some things that event WiFi hire can tailor to are things like setting up access points throughout different types of event spaces so that optimal coverage is obtained and monitoring the network to make sure that it is secure from threats.

Customise your coverage

It’s important to conduct the kind of pre-event technology and data usage analysis mentioned above. However, it’s also highly recommended to seek professional advice before hiring event WiFi and networking equipment. It should go without saying, but let’s say it anyway: customising your temporary WiFi for events is absolutely critical. This means ignoring the temptation to save a few dollars by relying solely on cellular network coverage to keep everyone connected.

Additionally, you’ll want to optimize your WiFi coverage based on the location. You are setting up broad-scale public events, or you need outdoor event WiFi, then its important to consider a variable internet hotspot for a fast connection. You’ll also want to have secure internet, as you don’t want your guests to be questioning their safety or livelihood while at your event.

When selecting WiFi solutions, prioritise selecting the appropriate networking infrastructure – including wireless broadband routers and network hubs – to suit the scale of your event. Then, stick to the plan regardless of other expenses. Remember, a tailored WiFi solution can be the difference between a positive visitor experience, and a very poor experience.

When it comes to the crunch, providing the optimal WiFi network for a large event is all about good planning and preparation. It should never be about last-minute panicking and problem-solving. Sourcing WiFi for your event can be simplified through rent and hire services.

To get the right event WiFi rental solution, talk to Hire Intelligence now. We provide high-quality internet, optimal WiFi coverage and a variety of customisable WiFi hire solutions for any business event.

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