4 Ways Exhibition Display Equipment Drives Success

4 Ways Exhibition Display Equipment Helps Get Results

Exhibition display equipment comes in many different shapes, sizes, specs and applications. However, when it comes to buying or hiring the best kit for the event, there is always one question to ask yourself: will this promo stand attract attention?

Here are four display and audience engagement technology tips to help you prepare for that next big exhibition, trade show or conference.

4 Ways Your Exhibition Display Equipment Helps Get Results
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Regardless of how useful your products and services are, event attendees won’t discover these benefits unless you first generate a buzz around your zone. To achieve this, you need to incorporate branded visuals in an aesthetically appealing layout. These bring the stand to life from a distance. Using banners and product display stands is a good start. However, you’ll make an even stronger impression by showing company ideas and applications on widescreen monitors or video walls. In short, let digital display equipment work the room on your behalf.


There are hundreds or even thousands of industry stakeholders all under one roof. Therefore, your business has a unique opportunity to showcase its products or services to a highly targeted audience. Once again, your choice of exhibition equipment comes to the fore. By delivering marketing messages, product demo talks or technology thought-leader presentations using a professional wireless microphone, you can reach passers-by and communicate more effectively with the gathering group. Better yet, why not show demo videos and other relevant content to individual visitors on a personal digital device like an Android tablet or iPad?


Through technology, you can effectively engage with both existing customers and prospective buyers at a trade show. Don’t just talk the talk and hope for the best. Rather, take advantage of an information-packed interactive smart board to tailor each conversation and build genuine connections. The latest interactive boards connect seamlessly to the cloud and offer instant access to your business’s full range of multimedia content.


No matter how organised you are, building an exhibition stand doesn’t always go perfectly to plan. Whether you experience an unfortunate equipment delivery hold-up or you’re worried about missing the venue’s strict ‘bump-in’ deadline, don’t forget last-minute exhibition equipment rentals are there to save the day. When the exhibition doors open, you’ll be ready for business.

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