How to Select Large Display is Right for Your Business Event?

Which Large Display is Right For Your Business Event?

Which Large Display Is Right For For Your Business Event?
Which large display rental is ideal for your upcoming business event? As with most technology-based decisions, it depends on a number of factors. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know.

Firstly, it makes sense to preview the business event itself. Who is your target market? What size is the venue? What are the dimensions of your allocated space? Can you integrated multiple visual displays in the layout, or should you use just one screen? Will you need powerful sound alongside the display? Being aware of the physical environment as well as any venue restrictions is all part of good event planning – particularly when it comes to creating a design and selecting equipment. Be proactive and sketch our your vision, rather than waiting for a problem to arise.

Next, consider the type of audio-visual content you’ve created to engage a live audience. For example, the perfect hardware for showcasing a recorded detailed video demonstration or promotional message of your latest product indoors might be different to what you would use for live streaming at a major outdoor event. Whatever the application, the type of content and requirement for detail should guide your choice of visual display equipment.

Once you’ve clearly outlined your plans and requirements, you can then turn your attention to researching the optimal tech solution for your needs. There is a wide array of quality HD video projectors, outdoor screens, HD display monitors, video walls and LED walls available for hire.


For a business meeting, presentation or conference to a large audience, a large projector screen and full HD video projector will allow one large scale image. If in doubt, talk to an expert about specs. For projection, you’ll need to consider the resolution required for high-definition images; compatibility and ports for connecting a projector to a laptop and/or PA system; remote control functionality; and you’ll need to ensure you use a powerful projector (with intense enough bulb) to ensure images are visible if there is ambient light present.

Running an outdoor event comes with its own unique display challenges. You need quality weather-proof hardware like the ProofVision 55 inch Outdoor LED Screen – with features such as anti-glare safety glass and thermostat technology – to deliver superb audio-visual performance in all types of conditions.

Perhaps you need to showcase video content indoors at an exhibition on a stand. Or perhaps you want to use multiple screens for a seated audience. If so, you can use large display screens like the Sony 75” Full HD Android Smart TV with integrated Wi-Fi; the premium 82” Samsung NU8000 UHD TV loaded with features; or even the Panasonic 103 inch HD Plasma Display, one of the largest screens you will find in the industry.

Need a really big display to make a massive impact? You can customise interactive video walls to a range of sizes and shapes, or build an LED wall using LED panels. Your trusted supplier will help install and configure the large scale display. Thus, you’ll ensure your content stands out through your desired dimensions.

Which large display is right for your business event? Get in touch with Hire Intelligence today!

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