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Transcript Film and Tv Production:

For over 25 years ‘Hire Intelligence International‘ have provided technology hardware for the film and television industry.

We support this sector in three distinct ways

  1. Firstly, our short-term rental equipment is often used as props.
  2. Secondly, Our phones, laptops, tablets, apple iPad, and printers are often used by production & project teams.
  3. And finally our cutting-edge workstations with the leading Graphics cards are used for video editing, effects and rendering work.

We have nationwide depots, excellent stock levels, and our own technicians and drivers to provide your production with cutting-edge props and computing power.

Film and Television Industry Hire Intelligence

For prop provision,

we work with buyers, set designers, producers, and production assistants, and having gained valuable insights into the industry’s demands, we’ve adjusted our processes and stocks accordingly.

We know the type of stock that is needed (like the latest and greatest phones), and we try to keep assets ready for ‘last-minute’ orders to save the day.

Whilst all of the hardware we own is for practical use, we will BUY specific stock (with different shapes and styles) for key clients and rent to you for a fraction of purchase price When quoting, our sales team will provide exact model numbers, images and dimensions for prop use.

Our screen range extends from 20-inch monitors to 136-inch display walls, and our assets have appeared in countless dramas for major production companies.

If technicians are required on set, to setup, modify, or move equipment, then we can provide experienced hands with a range of adapters, stands, and tools to help you get the shot you need.

Aside from providing tech for use as props, we can provide powerful hardware to support production offices and post-production teams.

-Personal devices – tablets, laptops, and a leading range of apple hardware.

-General Office Equipment including fast photocopiers, printers and phones.

-Leading range of Workstations and graphics cards to support video editing, rendering, and special effects.

-A range of other hardware – if you need tech to push a production project forward – call ???? Hire Intelligence.

We know that the film and TV industry moves rapidly, and we want to ensure that the rental process is hassle-free.

To reserve assets we have designed ‘low paperwork’ processes to help our clients who are on the move, or working long hours.

Once a rental is agreed and equipment reserved, our multiple locations, logistics capabilities and technical teams help ensure delivery,installation, and operation all go smoothly too.

We believe we have…

  • the right stocks for props and post-production computing power,
  • the right service levels and smooth systems,
  • the right team and experience to deliver on our promises.

Thus allowing you to focus on what matters most….creating exceptional content.

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