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Giant iTab: Full Tablet Interactivity on a Grand Scale

Giant ItabImagine a super-sized tablet on wheels that’s more than just a ‘big’ novelty. Imagine this elegant replica device was also as clever and user-friendly as the original handheld tablet people know and trust. Well, you don’t have to imagine. It’s called the Giant iTab, and you can now hire it to create a huge first impression. It delivers invaluable interactivity at any venue where information matters.


Even before your guests or customers put a finger on the magnificent screen – available in sizes between 27 and 55 inches – the presence of a Giant iTab has already given your public or business event an air of professionalism and positivity. These devices are real attention grabbers at trade shows. You can use your Giant iTab to display product demonstrations, share apps and games, offer information search tools, or encourage large group participation at your exhibition stand.

Put simply, Giant iTabs offer a genuine wow factor. With effective, popular technology on this scale strutting its stuff, you can be confident you’ve created an experience people will remember.


These big screen tabs are complete replicas of the regular tablet with a fully interactive touchscreen. Hence, your clients/visitors are all familiar with the device layout, albeit on a smaller scale. Concurrently, they are totally comfortable in making the most of the tech you’ve provided. Therefore, Giant iTabs tend to generate much greater levels of interaction than other similar pieces of kit. The end result for your business is that people will take action, whether it’s to join a mailing list, fill out a survey, or simply engage with your digital content in the form of videos, slide shows and more.

A key reason to hire a giant designer touchscreen is the ability to present any type of content in style. Beyond the basics, however, it’s this element of true interactivity that sets the Giant iTab apart. For example, showing what an exciting app looks like is just part of the fun; you’re also able to offer visitors all the interactive controls and gestures they would recognise from today’s familiar smartphone and tablet devices.

Want to discover what you can achieve with an Giant iTab interactive tablet? Hire Intelligence can tell you more about how the Giant iTab can be an asset to your business. Get in touch with Hire Intelligence today!

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