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Pride & Purpose at Hire Intelligence

Hard work:

When the hours are long, and turnaround times are very tight it’s a good idea to remember why we work so hard. Below is a bit of reflection of what is great about the job.

Some of the answers might seem obvious, some less so:

  • Firstly, as a management team, we’re delighted to be able to provide rewarding employment to all our colleagues, It’s great to see families flourish with one of their ‘family team’ part of our ‘work team’ at H.I.
  • All of us are delighted when we support lovely customers and see positive feedback. We’ve just hit 20 x 5-star reviews in a row for our UK google presence. This obviously brings us a boost. It’s great to exceed expectations and make people (clients and their audiences) happy.
  • Personally, I’m also very excited to be involved with cutting edge technology. Whilst I can’t claim a deep understanding of all the tech that’s coming along….it’s amazing to be support some of the following fast-moving areas:
    • Virtual production – amazing graphics, animations, designs, films and games.
    • The upturn in use of AR and VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality).
    • Virtual and Hybrid meetings.
    • Live-streaming.
    • 360 cameras,  3D scanning – Photogrammetry and LiDar
    • 3D modelling and product demos via Touchscreen
    • LED Screens and Video walls popping – brighter, better definition and easier to install.
    • Monitors and TVs with Ultra-High Defition, Colour matching, and 8K
  • Finally, and it might sound grandiose, but part of the satisfaction of the role comes from playing a small part in historic events. Not only are some of the venues famous, (and it’s great to think of what has taken place in the same space), but some of the events and projects we support are historic. These events can impact an audience, a nation, or even the world. I’m delighted our organisation and team have persevered throughout the times of Covid, and in the last 12 months we have still supported many vital events and organisations. We have supported elections, NHS, UN meetings, European Championships, Bank of England, Emergency Committees, Court cases, and last month we provided a lot of equipment to COP26 – one of the most important meetings of all time. Along with other clients, we worked well with Aspen Solutions  – and look forward to working with them in future – their write-up of the event is here…..

I hope the above gives a little insight into what we do, but also why we do it. Our mission statement is below….but alongside that it is great to see the ‘newest tech’, make clients and colleagues smile, and play a small part in some important events. We have a mission, purpose, and pride. If you share similar passions, and think we might be able to help you, then please do contact us on  0345 600 72 72 or 0208 749 90 90.

Our Vision:

  • We work hard every day to make Hire Intelligence the most respected technology rental provider

Our Mission:

  • Hire Intelligence consistently exceeds customer expectations in solving short term business needs with technology rental solutions based on expert advice and support backed by an extensive fleet of quality brands in good condition

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