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Technology: From Dry-Hire to Solutions:

At Hire Intelligence we state that our ambition is to be ‘the most RESPECTED technology rental provider’.

We DO NOT aim to be the cheapest, the fastest, the fanciest….but the most respected.

We believe we can achieve this by always

  • Providing NEW and thoroughly tested equipment from leading brands.
  • Delivering, Collecting, Installing on-time.
  • Ensuring communications (and quotes) are straightforward and clear.

However, many customers want more than just dry-hire of the equipment. They are looking for ‘solutions’, ‘software’, ‘specialist configurations’, or ‘on-site support’ throughout their events.

We cannot be experts in all new technologies, nor become expert users of all software – so we are careful with what we promise….we never want to offer services we can’t provide perfectly, but we want to be helpful and we don’t like saying NO.

So – we have made three changes for FY2022 – 2023:

  1. We have formalised a training matrix – so that training in software and hardware is rigorous and across all roles – including Sales & Admin – so we all talk the same language and can all support our clients. We have created a training room for classes, technology demonstrations, and shooting training videos.
  2. We have developed a ‘pre-sales’ project management approach to complex requirements (with reasonable lead time). This means we can work with clients and partners to develop solutions, if time allows. We can take time to work creatively and discuss options involving our senior technicians, and make project plans including demonstrations and trials.
  3. We are engaging with partner companies to work with us, to help deliver extra skills which we can combine with our hardware to give clients a perfect solution. Sound Experts, Videographers, Software specialists and more. We will audit them and work closely with them, to ensure our clients get the best service….but this allows us to broaden what we offer.
    1. If you believe you could be a useful partner for us, please do get in touch.

Overall with technology innovation always moving fast, and many clients with creative visions and requirements to wow their event attendees….we need to offer more than just short-term hire of hardware. We need to know what technology we can install, how to operate relevant software, and what partners we can turn to, to ensure events go smoothly.

We are broadening our product and service offering to the events, film and TV Production, and training worlds, but we are doing so carefully so we…

  • Maintain our status as ‘experts’
  • Live up to the ambition to be the ‘most respected technology rental providers’.
  • Let our clients DO MORE and ensure we don’t let them down.

If you’re interested in working together, please have a look at the ‘solutions’ we offer, or call on 0208 749 9900.

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