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Transcript Film and Tv Production: For over 25 years ‘Hire Intelligence International‘ have provided technology hardware for the film and… Read More

Finding The Right TV Rentals For Your Next Event

So, you’re planning your next big event? Whether it’s a presentation, product launch or networking conference, TV rental should be… Read More

Which Large Display is Right For Your Business Event?

Which large display rental is ideal for your upcoming business event? As with most technology-based decisions, it depends on a… Read More

5 Reasons Big Screen Hire is Great for End-of-Year Business

It’s that time again when you’ve got one eye on work and one eye on holidays. But before you clock… Read More

Find the right TV rental for your event

Want to pull off a successful event? Renting a TV and using it to promote a new product, pitch for… Read More

LCD, LED or Plasma? Choosing the Right Screen

It is quite normal to feel a little overwhelmed if you are new to choosing a screen for your venue… Read More

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