Business Disaster Recovery Tips: Bounce Back Quickly

Business Disaster Tips: 5 Ways to Ensure a Quick Recovery

Business Disaster Tips: 5 Ways to Recover
From hardware failure and computer hacks to human error and environmental impacts, the reality is a business disaster can strike at any time. It could cost you critical data and make it extremely difficult to continue operating or, in a worst case scenario, survive as a viable business. The question is, do you know how to prepare for and recover from a business disaster quickly and effectively?

Here are five business disaster Recovery tips to help you get back up to speed in the case of an emergency.


Ideally, you should have an IT disaster recovery plan in place before anything actually goes wrong. As a starting point, make sure this plan includes a clear strategy for frequently backing up all critical information. Beyond that, you should also know what steps you’re going to follow if and when your information technology does stop working and your essential hardware, applications and data become temporarily or permanently inaccessible. Always have contingencies for all potential stumbling blocks.


First and foremost, make sure your human resources are okay – not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. What happened? Who was directly affected, and how were they affected? Will individual staff members and departments be able to continue doing their jobs? Or will alternative solutions need to be found? If company data has been compromised, does this include any of your employees’ personal information?


A solid recovery plan also requires having an inventory of important existing hardware like servers, desktops and laptops, as well as key software applications, data, files and sensitive information. In other words, you should know absolutely everything your business owns and uses. How can you fix the problem if you’re not entirely sure what’s broken or lost? Then, when disaster has struck, make it a priority to check this inventory again and literally take stock of where your business stands, what can be recovered, and what needs to be replaced.


Unfortunately, there is no perfect time to start doing business again following a major negative event. You may be tempted to wait until the metaphorical dust has settled before relaunching. You may want to wait until your whole operation is 100 per cent back to normal. Generally speaking, it’s advisable to ignore this temptation. As soon as you possibly can, get your business back online, communicate with customers, deliver products and services, and display confidence in your future direction.


Whichever way you look at it, your business can’t get back up to speed until your staff has access to the equipment required to do so. Don’t delay normal operations as you gradually purchase replacement technology or attempt to solve challenges without it. Instead, it’s better to be proactive and hire whatever you need straight away. Affordable equipment rental solutions can ensure your business remains active when the chips are down. Otherwise, the recovery process is only likely to get harder.

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