Essential IT Equipment for Successful Business Training Events

Essential IT Equipment For Your Business Training Event

Essential It Equipment For Your Business Training Event
Planning your own business training is no easy task. From organising the agenda, to booking the venue and arranging refreshments, there is certainly a lot to consider.

Arranging a day that runs smoothly is a priority for the trainer, and attendees also want to feel that the day has been worthwhile and rewarding.

A crucial factor that could make or break the success of the training is technology – IT equipment to be more exact. To help make things more manageable, we’ve looked at some of the IT essentials that can help make your training successful.

PA Sound Systems

There is nothing worse than sitting at an event without being able to hear the trainer’s presentation. It can be equally frustrating for a trainer if they’re unable to communicate properly and struggling to get their message across to an audience.

Putting a suitable PA sound system in place ensures the presentation and training materials can he heard easily, which in turn makes it more engaging for those attending. It also makes it far easier for the trainer to deliver information and avoids any unnecessary stress.

Projectors and Projector Screens

So you’ve made sure that everyone can hear your presentation, now you need to consider installing a suitable projector so that the information can be seen and digested.

Utilising projectors and projector screens at a training event will allow your presentations to be visual and engaging for your audience.

Use of visual aids also assists the trainer in the smooth-running delivery of key information.

Interactive Boards

Nobody enjoys sitting in one position being fed information for hours. Interactive boards offer an innovative and unique solution to increase engagement at your event.

This technology enables attendees to actively participate in training exercises, whilst also storing any notes for future reference. Trainers can also use interactive boards as presentation aids or to demonstrate specific programs or software.

A handy piece of apparatus for question and answer sessions and program demonstrations, interactive boards boast countless benefits for trainers and trainees alike.


iPads are great visual aids which can be used in a number of ways, such as helping to create slides or conducting one-to-one demonstrations. They are also an essential tool for attendees and those presenting, as they allow you to take notes during a session.

Extremely lightweight, iPads can be allocated to attendees and used throughout the entire day, regardless of the training agenda.


Laptops offer a host of benefits to both trainers and those attending. Linking laptops to projector screens unlocks a great deal of flexibility for those running the training. They also enable the delivery of software or program demonstrations and pave the way for interesting and engaging presentations to be created and showcased.

Attendees can make full use of laptops too by using them for whole team or individual group exercises.

DVD and Blu Ray Players

Visual content is stimulating and a great way to engage an audience.

Using DVD and Blu Ray players introduces an exciting way to showcase visual content to attendees, adding another dimension to the way trainers present their information.

Visual content also makes business training more memorable. Including this as part of a training agenda not only adds variety, but also allows information to be easily digested as well.

The Power of Technology

Technology has the ability to benefit both trainers and attendees alike.

With technology at our fingertips, trainers have the opportunity to present their ideas in a variety of engaging and stimulating ways and create a more engaged audience. Those partaking are also more likely to remember and enjoy the day, as well as find it more stimulating overall.

So, if you’re looking to rent a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art IT and audio-visual equipment for your training, contact Hire Intelligence for more information.

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