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Getting Graduates up to Speed

Technology for Professional Training Courses:

One of our favourite types of event to support, is providing equipment to new Graduate Training courses.

These large scale training events are organised by large banks, law firms, or consultancies for their new graduates. They are great to be involved with for a few reasons

  • These course are for a finite time period, but they need large amount of good quality hardware and specific software. This fits perfectly with our rental model, and our short-term hire pricing works perfectly for our clients.
  • We have developed good relationships with the client’s HR & IT departments, and training content developers. So we can work on the detail of the content and get the software pre-loaded onto the laptops.
    • This not only impresses end users, but makes the most of our in-house imaging solutions.
  • We are often there as on-site support seeing keen, young minds tested, and group activities undertaken. It’s rewarding to see our tech at the heart of things going smoothly, and people learning and enjoying new challenges.
    • Highlights include seeing:
  • The scene of sometimes >300 laptops & tablets laid out consistently, neatly and safely, with presentation technology at the front of the room is a great sight for us, but also we know helps ‘set the tone’ and give the right impression for new graduates.
    • For a new starter, seeing modern tech from leading brands, with pre-loaded and personalised secure content shows that the employer considers graduate training & development as important. More broadly having this high-end hardware prepared for each attendee shows that the employer delivers (and expects) quality in all that they do.
  • We get to work with leading venues – so the in-house AV teams, the power provision, the furniture and storage rooms, the network rooms, the WiFi all work. Also, the loading bays and hours of operation are flexible. With these considerations handled by the venue, we can focus on our hardware and testing, and ensure our tech hardware for hire works perfectly.

Note: Whilst VR content for training is not for each and every corporate role yet, but there is some fantastic immersive training content developed for many operational, safety, visualisation and design-based roles. Perhaps this is a topic for the next blog with examples, alongside the best VR options for ‘virtual meetings’.

If you are responsible for Training & Talent recruitment or development do get in touch.  Whether you are helping plan Internships, Summer Graduate Programmes, or a conference – consistent and modern tech can help deliver content in an engaging manner and impress attendees.

Thanks, and we wish all HR departments and graduates good luck with upcoming programmes.


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