4 Ways to Successfully Launch Your New Product

4 Ways the Latest Tech Helps You Launch a New Product

4 Ways The Latest Tech Helps You Research, Test And Develop New ProductsHow do you go about successfully launching a new product? Often, it is a long and arduous process with countless twists and turns. However, the latest testing methodologies combined with the latest tech for hire can certainly help get your innovation off the ground.


Every great product was once nothing more than a great idea. If a company wants to convert that idea into a tangible item that not only works, but is also emphatically embraced by its target audience, it’s essential to commit to in-depth market research. You won’t know what people really want until you ask them. Moreover, research prevents your business from wasting precious human and financial resources on a project that sound promising yet lacks long-term potential. A digital touch screen rental allows you to run customer surveys via a public kiosk. Meanwhile, laptops, workstations and interactive voting systems are ideal for gathering insights through focus group meetings.


Beyond gathering direct consumer feedback, consider the value of qualitative market research techniques in the form of social media monitoring or web browsing behaviours. You can also consider quantitative market research techniques such as the use of detailed questionnaires employing facial emotion recognition. This type of analytics technology belongs to the present as well as the future. Perhaps, then, it’s time to broaden your research horizons before the sun sets on another development process. “Big data” is now readily available through various systems, strategies, software and applications – including seriously powerful server technology and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) – making market research more efficient and results-driven than ever before.


Once the research has pointed you in the right direction, the product testing phase will ensure any development decisions lead to positive outcomes. What are the product’s strengths and weaknesses? Which parts proved functional? Which need fixing? Are you certain the product is ready for market or do you need to devise more comprehensive tests and trials? You must answer these questions before you begin manufacturing or marketing a new product. Nobody said it was easy. However, the best technology is here to help you achieve your development goals within your nominated budget. By challenging your prototype to perform in real-life scenarios, you will soon learn whether it’s ready for the market or requires further design.


Market research and product testing are clearly important parts of the development process. However, you can’t ignore one final pre-launch step: consumer engagement. Essentially, you need to find out if people like the final product as much as the conceptual design and earlier iterations. Is this the version your industry has been waiting for? One option is to conduct another round of surveys and focus groups. However, it would be even more prudent to gauge customer insights using wearables, apps, virtual reality equipment and other top technologies.

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