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Performance to justify the price tag!

At Hire Intelligence we are always investing in new technology hardware, and sometimes our purchasing decisions are led by a client’s request.

Whilst we will always buy core products from leading manufacturers: Apple iPads, HP Laptops, Sony Large Screens, Samsung Galaxy phones, Yamaha PA systems etc. We also want to offer a broader range of equipment. We want to be at the cutting-edge of tech, and it’s great if non-core hardware is purchased in discussion with clients, to help meet specific needs.

Often clients want something a little unusual (or expensive), but only for a short-term project, and thus they don’t want to buy…so we often buy the equipment they need, and they can be the first to hire the equipment from us.

Recently we’ve made some sizeable investments in tech (Virtual Reality, Touch Screen Totems, Digital Signage, Workstations and more), led by client demand. After much internal debate and signing off on the purchases, it’s great to finally see the hardware in action (Either at a client event, or in testing in our warehouse) and realise – “oh, that’s why it costs so much”.

It’s great to perceive the value for money in person after spending.

Sometimes the realisation of value comes from a big shock of an experience, sometimes it’s from the results of a benchmarking ‘speed test’, other times it’s reassuring to see the functionality is so good, the build quality so strong, or the interface so intuitive.  Recent products with which I’ve experienced this type of moment:

  • Logitech Rally Video Conferencing system – recommended from a client who had done business with Hire Intelligence – Australia, we bought some of these devices, and they were really were immediately ‘plug and play’ with simple remote for 4K camera and clear image, and good quality speaker. It just worked well, and packs away neatly.
  • ASUS ProArt Display 32” Professional Monitor – Watching high quality footage on this monitor stopped me mid-sentence – the contrast in bright and dark areas, richness of colours and detail is actually a little strange and wonderful to behold. Seeing the detail of a cameraman’s shirt revealed in the eye of a snake was an image I’ll remember for a while.  
  • Samsung 4K 75” Screen WITH DIGITAL SIGNAGE functionality – I challenged the Technical Manager (who had helped spec these displays with a customer) to create a rolling series of images  – with a particular message and layout. No laptop needed, just his Samsung phone and an app, and he had the content rolling on multiple screens in 5 mins – with all screens controlled by one phone. So the associated software works well, the bezels are thin, the definition and brightness are excellent. I was quickly convinced as to why these were not ‘just screens’.
  • PCSPECIALIST Vortex XTi Gaming PC with 3080 Ti – The pure techs might hate me for saying this, but first impressions matter and the hardware looks great, and feels solid. The technicians were more impressed with performance speed, and our resident gamer tested the hardware and ‘in game’ graphics looked disconcertingly real and real even into the far distance of the virtual environment. The games look so good that when not out on rent, this equipment lives in our customer demonstration area – ready to entertain and impress visitors.

There is a longer list from previous years (including the first time I tried wireless VR), and it’s a joy of the job to see new tech in action, to know investments pay off, and fantastic when kit exceeds expectations (for us and for our customers).

If you are a partner, a customer, or a potential customer and there is some specific hardware you’d like us to invest in, please do get in touch.

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