Why Businesses Should Leverage Event Technology to Improve Events

Why Businesses Should Leverage Event Technology to Improve Events in 2023

The Best Large Scale Display Solutions For Your Business

Looking to make a bigger impact with your next event? Event planning can be challenging to meet the expectations of your audience, but ensuring you have the latest technology at your in-person events is a great way to leave a lasting impression. Technological advancements like live streaming have encouraged huge growth in virtual events—and hybrid events— allowing your business to become accessible to even more people.

Sizeable TVs, huge video walls and even top-of-the-range projectors can all help you deliver an impressive visual impact for your guests.

Here are some of the great benefits of utilising event technology trends in 2023.

Build engagement

Woman using interactive touchscreen display Build Engagement

Having a variety of dynamic content on multiple screens throughout your venue helps create a more immersive event experience for your guests. Displaying a variety of content, from social media posts to product promotion and special offers, on large scale TVs or interactive kiosks means you can expose your guests to a larger amount of content efficiently. This will encourage more networking opportunities and help to grow your audience.

Digital channels of communication are much more engaging than static images or text.


Conference Business Meeting Presentation Hire intelligence uk

Utilising the latest technology at your next event will give your guests a great first impression by showing them your business is on top of all the latest industry trends. It allows your business to look modern and innovative, and shows you care about impressing your customers and guests. Nothing is more impressive than showing your target audience you understand what they want and delivering it.

Plus, investing in more modern and current communication tools has the potential to encourage more sponsorship opportunities, as dynamic video walls and top-of-the-range projector setups are more appealing to potential sponsors than more traditional mediums.

Communicate more information

Communicate more information Hire intelligence

You are limited by the amount of copy you can fit on posters, flyers and other traditional signage. But with the latest event technology, you can broadcast dynamic images and messages digitally, rotating through your content at key points throughout your event—giving you the ability to easily get through all the information you want to.

Interactive kiosks also add a more personalised experience for your guests, allowing them to navigate their own way through your content. Creating engaging content to display on huge video screens is a brilliant way to ensure your event is a memorable experience for your guests.

Collect useful data

Collect useful data Hire Intelligence

Advancements in event technology platforms and data analytics mean you can track and measure almost any element of your event, allowing you to optimise your event strategy. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of your event marketing campaigns in the lead up to the day.

You can also create opportunities for your guests to sign up for newsletters, special offers or even your future events by utilising touch screen technology to easily grab valuable contact information from guests that are eager for more. This will be a great help in reaching event KPIs and ensuring you don’t lose momentum after your event.


People trying 3D headset Sustainability Hire Intelligence

Sustainability has become a bigger concern for many more people in recent years, with many businesses becoming more conscious of their environmental impact.

You can ensure your business is getting involved by cutting down on paper waste from printing hundreds of flyers and instead get an even better effect from hiring huge digital event displays to get your message across. Not only will your message be more memorable to your guests, but you’ll also be helping the environment—win-win.

The best large scale event displays

The best large scale event displays Hire intelligence uk

It’s clear the best way to make a lasting impression at your next event is to take advantage of the incredibly diverse event technology on offer. One of the most effective ways to impress your guests is by using large scale event displays to present dynamic content.

Here are some of the most impactful ways to display information on a grand scale for your guests.


This well-known and cost-effective technology displays content in high-quality, full HD to bring your messages to life.

At Hire Intelligence, you can organise top-of-the-range projector hire with high lumens, allowing the clear and bright images to seamlessly get your message across to your audience in a hassle-free way.


Large-screen TV hire is a great asset at any business event. They are the perfect way to showcase a new product demo at your event, engaging your guests directly with your product. They are also great if you are running a few different stands throughout your event, each stand can have a dedicated TV displaying unique and targeted information.

Plus, they are a common household piece of technology so your employees will likely know exactly how to set up and use them, saving you time and money.

Video walls

By connecting any number of LED video screens, the size of your video wall is completely customisable. No matter the size of your venue, your audience would be able to miss these massive, visually striking displays of your content.

By connecting any number of LED video screens, the size of your video wall is completely customisable. No matter the size of your venue, your audience would be able to miss these massive, visually striking displays of your content.

At Hire Intelligence, our tech experts will even install these screen systems for you to ensure your video wall hire runs smoothly.

Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive Touchscreen hire has become an essential technology for events, as they are a great way to provide guests with a more personalised experience. They allow attendees to navigate through your content at their own pace, giving them more control over their event experience.

As well as providing attendees with seamless access to schedules, maps, and other key event info. Touchscreens can also be used to collect valuable data from attendees, such as contact information or feedback on the event. This information can also be used to improve future events and better tailor your marketing efforts.

Ready to take your event to the next level?

At Hire Intelligence, we understand the huge positive impact new technology solutions can have on a large number of event goals. So, if you want your next event to be bigger than ever, why not reach out to the friendly team at Hire Intelligence today to organise short or long-term tech hire and make an impact that will stay with your guests long after they’ve left.

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