The Best Large Scale Display Solutions for Your Business

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The Best Large Scale Display Solutions for Your Business

The Best Large Scale Display Solutions For Your Business
Looking for the best large scale display for your next business event or exhibition? One thing’s for certain – you won’t be short of large display rental options.

Sizeable indoor and outdoor screens, massive video walls and even top-range projectors can all help you deliver an impressive visual impact to a lot of people, across a broad area. Your real challenge will be figuring out which is the best large scale display solution to suit the needs of your organisation or event. It’s time to think big.


A custom video wall has one very large, very important purpose: to make a statement at major business events. You can create any size display you desire by connecting and integrating numerous LED video screens. Therefore, no matter the size of venue, your audience definitely won’t miss these massive visual display units when they arrive. And with barely visible bezels (less than 6mm content to content) and technology that supports a seamless image, the visual impact is clear and powerful.

Experts can also install video wall systems to ensure your temporary display complements the overall design and runs smoothly. These versatile, large scale visual display solutions are hard to beat for most corporate settings including trade shows, conferences and product launches.

Want something a little different? For a simple way to deliver a digital media message, consider hiring an LED poster. It comes with fold-out legs to achieve vertical or horizontal orientation in seconds. You can use this unique modern tech as a standalone display; or, you can connect it to form an LED wall that acts as one giant screen.


Setting up a quality visual display is often as simple as hire, plug in, and play. However, things do get slightly more complicated when you consider the natural environment at some public and commercial locations. If you’re running an event in the great outdoors, you need a great outdoor display solution. Yes, your video content, live footage, promotional messages and public service announcements must stand out to the crowd. However, your display equipment must also stand up to extreme conditions like rain, snow, wind, heat, humidity and sunlight.

Fortunately, this is where a specialised outdoor screen truly shines. How? Through built-in features and benefits including waterproof and rust-proof hardware; toughened anti-glare safety glass for sunlight readable display; and thermostat technology for regulating internal temperature. At Hire Intelligence, there’s an excellent range of outdoor screen hire options available for all major events and exposed venues. If you’re trying to make a statement outside, you can do so with the right technology.

Optimal outdoor TV hire solutions also provide attendees and customers with a more engaging, and therefore more memorable, experience. After all, making a big impression is why you hired a big screen in the first place.


Working on a tighter budget? There’s nothing wrong with taking a traditional approach to content display. Try using a large projector screen and high-quality, full HD video projector for various advertising purposes. This technology may not have the wow factor of video walls and LED walls, but it’s perfect for business meetings, marketing presentations and training sessions at the larger end of the scale where the size of the display and the visibility of the content still counts.

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