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New Hardware, New Performance

Investing again:

During the pandemic, with lowered demand, we were selling as much technology hardware as we bought. However in the last 2 months, with the return of live events and Apple product launches, we’ve been buying and boosting our IT stock levels.


We knew it was important to secure the latest Apple M1 products, and our purchasing team did well to swiftly add the iMac 24″ , 13″ M1 macbook, 16″ M1 Pro Macbook, and the latest iPad Pro with M1 chip to our fleet.

Interestingly, there seems to be a pattern between role type, and favourite new piece of hardware. Choices include the new iPads (regular size, pro, and mini), new Macbooks, QLED screens, New Touchscreens, and New gaming laptops and leading Graphics GPUS.

Sales, Techs, Logistics, and Managerial teams all agreeing on their favourite products, but each team picking a different item.

Whilst our Technicians are most excited by the new Macbook Pro 16” with M1 Pro chip due to the processing performance, it’s the new QLED 55″ TVs which are proving the most popular with sales, and the new iPad Mini which feels perfectly formed and coveted by Accounts. Whilst we have no major gamers on our team, it’s great we now own a graphics/gaming laptop with the FASTEST screen in the world (360Hz refresh rate), and fast refresh rate – rotatable monitors too (new models from LG)

Ambitions and further investment for the Future:

With a significant stock refresh is now completed for our Apple Hardware, our mobile workstations, and our Screens…..all with leading brands – Sony / Samsung / ASUS / LG / HP & Apple – we are not finished. We have not yet decided on which models to buy for our VR equipment refresh – we’re excited by some of the new product launches and will be doing our research to ensure we pick the headset which is most likely to suit enterprise training requirements. Whether that be HTC Vive’s offering, Oculus/Meta, HP Reverb, or Varjo. We’ll be happy to work alongside one of our clients (or suppliers) to help choose the exact model to add to our IT and AV stock fleet in early 2022.

If you’d like any information on our new products, or pricing for short-term hire, please do call on 0208 749 9900 or 0345 600 7272.

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