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Live Video Streaming Content That Makes an Impact: 5 Things to Know

More and more businesses now use live video streaming technology to reach their target markets and engage more people online. Here… Read More

Temporary WiFi for Events Helps You to Connect and Engage

Hosting or presenting at a major corporate event attended by hundreds or thousands of prospective customers, clients, sponsors and investors?… Read More

What Does Augmented Reality Do?

Augmented reality (AR) creates an enhanced version of the physical environment by adding virtual creations like objects and characters. Generally, that involves… Read More

Virtual Reality Training: Which Industries Use New Tech to Train Their Employees?

Once confined to the fringes of science fiction, a number of different industries now use virtual reality extensively. Virtual reality… Read More

Use Data Capture Technology to Enhance Event Outcomes

The modern business event is so much more than a promotional and networking opportunity. Thanks to the latest data capture… Read More

5 Event Supplier Tips to Ensure a Smooth Experience

It’s challenging enough to organise an event or showcase your brand at an exhibition without having to worry about your… Read More

What is 5G and When Will We Get It?


The Best Large Scale Display Solutions for Your Business

Looking for the best large scale display for your next business event or exhibition? One thing’s for certain – you… Read More

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