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Microsoft Surface Hub Benefits for Business Collaboration

Need a rental solution for effective digital content sharing and collaboration? Look no further than the Microsoft Surface Hub multifunction… Read More

Get Event WiFi Solutions That Ensure Everyone Stays Connected

A number of years ago, WiFi network provision at major venues and events went from a bonus to an expectation.… Read More

4 Innovative Extended Reality Uses for Business

By now, most people have at least a general concept of extended reality (XR) technologies. For those who aren’t aware, XR is… Read More

Top Tech Events in 2019

Keep your business ahead of the curve with our guide to some of the UK’s best tech events in 2019.… Read More

Get Maximum Computing Power with Quality Workstations

A standard desktop PC is more than adequate for a typical user performing everyday IT tasks. However, sometimes a high-end professional project… Read More

5 Reasons to “Try Before You Buy” the Latest Tech for Business

Does your business need the latest technology to complete a particular project or overcome a problem? If so, it’s worth considering… Read More

What is HoloLens?

The Microsoft HoloLens is a state-of-the-art augmented reality device. When wearing the headset, the user can see 3D images couched… Read More

4 Ways the Latest Tech Helps You Launch a New Product

How do you go about successfully launching a new product? Often, it is a long and arduous process with countless twists and… Read More

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