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5 Reasons Big Screen Hire is Great for End-of-Year Business

It’s that time again when you’ve got one eye on work and one eye on holidays. But before you clock… Read More

New Technology in Modern Filmmaking

The era of endless innovation has led to a range of new technologies that are reshaping the film industry. Digital… Read More

5 Ways Conference Equipment Ensures a Successful Meeting

Every business meeting, from a small internal catch-up to a major gathering of investors or the board of directors (BOD),… Read More

Desk, Computer or More? Meet the Microsoft Surface Studio

As the all-in-one PC landscape continues to evolve at a rapid rate, the big winners are professional designers, artists, illustrators… Read More

The Future of Gaming

Photo by EDDIE KOPP It has been almost 50 years since Atari released the arcade classic, Pong. In that time,… Read More

4 Ways Exhibition Display Equipment Helps Get Results

Exhibition display equipment comes in many different shapes, sizes, specs and applications. However, when it comes to buying or hiring… Read More

Deliver a Pro Sound with the Best PA System and Stage Setup

We’ve all attended an event that lets itself down with inferior sound quality. Sometimes, the blame lies with a poor… Read More

The Best Training Methods for your Employees

Innovate with different training methods and techniques A new report has found that companies with innovative learning and development programmes are… Read More

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